“Aktaion” at the harbour (History)

Ξενοδοχείο Ακταίον παλαιό

The history of the Hotel Aktaion is parallel with the development of the town of Igoumenitsa and the exploitation of the harbour. In 1936, Thomas Theologoy, grandfather of current owners, returning from Cairo and having some money aside decides to buy a plot to build a hotel in a town of 750 inhabitants that years later became the capital of Thesprotia prefecture and one of the largest ports in the country.

In a small pier where only boats were grounded and some old watercrafts were used for taking people to Corfu and back, two brothers, Minas and Thomas Theologoy saw a business opportunity and a necessity, an ideal location for the creation of a hotel which would aim at passers-by and travellers in the town of Igoumenitsa. This hotel helped them feed their families those difficult years and later, after two generations, their grandchildren would continue their business activity. So, in 1940 the construction of a hotel with ten rooms was completed, offering a place to sleep, a hot coffee and a traditional hospitality of the times. The hotel had been very appreciated by the people back then and in 1960, when the connection of Greece with Italy by ferry boat became true, there was made an extension of ten more rooms while a few years later in 1968 other six rooms were added. From its opening until 1987 the “Aktaion” hosted many people, high officials of public and local services, presidents, commanders, politicians and many people of art. The hotel managed to maintain its history and its reputation through all these years because its customers always left the hotel being satisfied.

In 1987, George Theologoy son of Thomas and father of the current owners took charge of the hotel. The hotel was demolished and operated again in 1990 with the same name and the willing to continue its tradition of good hospitality. After all these years of experience, the grandchildren of original owners took over the operation of the hotel and continued the family tradition having harmonized it fully with the requirements of the era, upgraded it into an energy saving building and making it elegant for the customers, after two renovations in 2006 and in 2015, having always as top priority customer’s satisfaction.

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